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Products With Personality: Mask Up, Dress Up

by Eric Langlois |


This turbulent year has brought a lot of changes into our lives. Work and home schedules have been disrupted, and the most visible representation of these changes are the masks that we all wear to keep each other safe. During the holiday season it can be even more important to keep everyone healthy, and if you want to add a new stylish accessory to your wardrobe at the same time, The Andover Shop’s mask offerings are a great option.

Figure 1: Mask up, dress up

Style and Safety at The Andover Shop

The Andover Shop has prided itself on its extensive collection of material kept in stock to produce made-to-measure clothing, and during the pandemic we have dipped into this archive to produce a series of comfortable and handsome face masks. Reusable masks are most similar to shirts in terms of how they are worn: Both are intended to be washed after one use, and are worn against the skin. The Andover Shop’s collection of shirting material was a handy resource to produce comfortable, easy-to-launder masks for daily use.

Our masks come in a variety of patterns and weaves. Striped cotton poplin in blue and yellow or orange with a narrow navy check are attention-getting accessories that add a splash of color to dark winter clothing. Oxford cloth and chambray, most often used in hard-wearing shirting that softens with each wash, make for subtle blue masks that are incredibly versatile. Like the shirts made from the same material, all these masks can easily be machine or hand washed and then air dried to increase their longevity.

The Andover Shop’s collection of material has allowed us to produce a series of limited edition masks in small runs as well. Fall color checks and cocktail prints are just a couple examples of the designs we have been offering. For the fall and winter season we are introducing masks with a tweed outer shell and lined with cotton shirting, to provide warmth and comfort in cold weather while including the same comfortable layer against your skin as our all-weather models.

Reusable Masks: This Season’s Ideal Holiday Gift

As the holiday season arrives, we will all need to pick up some gifts for a wide variety of people. Masks can be a handy and versatile piece to share with your friends and family to help them stay safe, and are very literally one-size-fits-all. Why not share a piece of The Andover Shop with the stylish people in your life this winter?